Should You Use Facebook Ads For Your Dropshipping Store?

Should You Use Facebook Ads For Your Dropshipping Store?

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Facebook also allows the sponsored posts that allow you to promote a post you might share with your network to a much larger audience. They look like normal Facebook posts but are marked sponsored at the top. You must have a Facebook account before you can start selling through uss express delivery llc career any of the channels Facebook offers. To sell via Shops, you must first have a Facebook Business Page with a customer service email. You’ll also need bank account details or a way to accept payments. FB Search to find ads within your niche with high levels of engagement.

  • However, this is not true since Facebook is still a useful advertising medium with 1.6 billion monthly users.
  • Even if you already have an online store, adding Facebook as a sales channel can help you reach more potential customers.
  • Spice JarsWith more time to spend in the kitchen, people have been experimenting more with cooking at home.
  • Lots of us use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and family but you can also use it as a powerful sales tool.
  • Verve’s aim is to make a positive impact on coffee communities from the farm to the store.
  • The advertising tool has been in existence for a few years now, but many people have only started using the feature recently.

After choosing your listing type, you’ll enter information about the product you’re selling. As you add information, your listing preview will show, so you can see what your audience will see. Facebook has guidelines about what can and cannot be sold on the platform. The most important thing to remember is having a physical product to sell. If your product catalog includes digital products such as ebooks or services, you cannot use Facebook as a sales channel. But in the meantime, let’s break down some basic ideas on how to find the product using this tool. Keep in mind that some of these products will be the most popular that everyone else is selling since it’s what people will check through first.

Just like with the default tabs, your templates come with default CTA buttons. If we continue with the restaurant example, try a customized CTA button that will help your business stick out in users’ minds. Instead of Get Directions, you could use “Get in ma belly,” or maybe even your restaurant’s slogan. You can customize your template by adding, moving, and removing tabs. The purpose of them is to organize and display different aspects of your brand.


Keep in mind that influencer marketing is based on relationship building, so it might not happen overnight. However, cultivating connections with people that typically have a large following and an established uss express delivery llc jobs brand should be an important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. Their endorsement can help you reach a much wider audience, gain new followers and create social proof that’s key to selling online.

top facebook dropshipping publics

These services include branded stickers on your packages, your logo on t-shirt labels, and even adding stickers or business cards to your packaging. Once again, this all depends on the type of products you’re selling, so feel free to get creative and talk about what makes the product special. You can also simply copy the product description you use in your ecommerce shop. Also, if it’s relevant considering the type of products you’re selling on Facebook, you can add a video as well. This works just like any other uploading interface where you can grab an image from your computer and upload it to the Facebook store. If you already have an online store running on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or any other ecommerce platform, then go for option . The last things to clarify are your shipping options, return policy and customer service email.

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Buy and Sell Groups are all over Facebook for various niches and locations. The listing will go live publicly in the Marketplace shortly after. Your business page or personal profile will show as the Seller Information, depending on whether you’re using your Facebook Shop or your personal account. After selecting your shop from Commerce Manager, go to Orders and select “Manage Orders in Bulk.” Then select “Export Orders” and choose an order type and date range. But keep in mind that if there are more than 100 reviews anything above a 4 star is a great product to choose from.

Later, once you start making sales, you can revisit the products you want to sell based on the buyer’s feedback. In this article, we’ll share with you 35+ best dropshipping products that can win you the dropshipping game. Facebook Ad Rockstars is a group created and managed by Alex Fedotoff, who has managed a variety of Facebook ad agencies and consultancies. Niche Site Project 3.0 was set up by Spenser, the creator of Niche Pursuits.

top facebook dropshipping publics

Men JoggersJust like women’s joggers, men’s joggers are doing the rounds in 2020. Combining to sell unisex joggers or targeting both men and women in the jogger market could mean high sales for your store. Men’s clothing follows similar trends to women’s and, at 6% growth by 2025, is a market that’s growing 1% faster than women’s clothing. Hoop EarringsThere’s not a single woman who doesn’t look that little bit more glamorous with a set of hoop earrings. Their popularity has been on a steady increase for years and they could just be the sort of ostentatious product to get your store off the ground.

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Having a Facebook page makes you stand out from the crowd and have unlimited access to marketing opportunities for your business to grow. You can also search for “Buy and sell” with a niche attached to find more specific groups that aren’t tied to a certain geographical area.

Learn How To Build Custom Audiences For Retargeting

You should focus your product offers around a single item that will help you differentiate yourself and build your brand. Every year, nearly 1 billion people get ill due to contaminated water. Thus, there has been an increasing demand for clean fresh water.

Inventory Source has pre-built integrations with more than 230 suppliers. Many companies say that it’s “easy” to connect your site with a suppliers’ inventory–but it’s not always so easy.

Sites likePinterest,Fancy,Wanelo, andEtsyshow products that get people excited. More specifically, they show the products that customers want to share with others, which are the kind of products you want for your store. These final steps are about selecting the best of the best from the options you’ve collected.

Theres More To Facebook Posts Than Just Sharing Links

It’s a place where you can search for products, but you have to contact the seller directly to finish the transaction. Both businesses and individuals can use this to sell on Facebook. When it comes to Orders, check to see if the orders in the past 30 days are high. If they’re higher than the past six months, you likely caught it before the trend blew up. However, you don’t need to discredit a great product because of it either.

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